Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sex and Music City

Last night I was out and about talking to people about the new website. I inroduced myself to a group of people at the Red Door Saloon in Midtown--which is an awesome establishment (shameless plug). I went around the circle asking everyone their occupation. They ranged from surgeon to childrens' book author to someone recently unemployed by the music industry. Each person was totally unique, except they all shared something in common, their friendship and their relationship status (single).

When the circle made it back around to me, they asked what I do. "I'm a business owner," I said. They quickly became curious as to what businesses I owned, I explained my success with Micro Patrol and CrucialSolutions and told them that I had just started a new venture, Music City Singles. The girls, especially, became curious. They wanted to know what the site was all about. So I explained that it was a forum for writers to exchange experiences, ask questions, learn about new venues and events throughout the town.

Almost immediately, one of the girls said, "Oh My God! It's just like Sex and the City! I am so writing for you!" I told her that there wouldn't be any compensation up front, but she just loved the idea of being able to write and share her experiences. We had a great conversation and I supplied all of the information they needed to get started. If you feel like Carrie Bradshaw and want to express your frustration with men, or if you're Big and you want a chance to defend yourself, send us an e-mail. We'd love to get you started so we can make this website as interesting as we hope it will someday be. We hope to hear from you soon!

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