Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Review Of VH1's "Tough Love"

If you're a single female, you might have read the book "He's Just Not That Into You" and/or you might have seen the hit movie of the same name. With that, VH-1 just premiered a new show from the producers of the film called "Tough Love".

Hosted by professional matchmaker, Steve Ward, he takes a group of women in for an 8 week boot camp of finding true love. And these women have various personalities that is causing them to have trouble finding dates. You have "Miss. Partygirl", "Miss. Lone Ranger", "Miss. Picky", "Miss Guided", and even a "Miss. Bridezilla" as well as a "Miss. Gold Digger" to name just a few. During this show Steve will take these women through a series of exercises and tests to help them realize what mistakes they're making and give them "Brutal Honest" advice on finding the right guy and true love. On the first episode, Steve was giving them tips on giving an "First Impression" and these ladies had a first taste of what men thought of them behind their backs. Yes, it's total brutal honesty.

Even though I have read the book and watched the first episode, as a single female, I just want to raise my hands in the air and shout "AMEN!". Why? I've done everything to have dates from online websites to speed dating and it always stops after one date. I always tell my friends that I get one date and get dumped afterwards. And I've been reading books, articles and even listen to my friends advice on meeting a guy and dateing but none has worked out at all for me.

I really like Steve Ward's advice on telling the girls what they are doing wrong when they talk to a guy. He doesn't sugarcoat it....just tells it like it is. And maybe it's me but I don't want a professional's advice on what I'm doing wrong in dating with "Fancy Words"...just tell it straight out in front of my face. If I'm giving an impression that I look so serious, just tell me how to smile without looking goofy. If I'm wearing the wrong clothes and attracting the wrong guys because of it...tell me what I should wear so I will attract the right ones.

In my opinion, if you're having trouble in dating scene (like me) and your mind is spinning from reading so many types of dating advice from every expert on earth, watch the show. I'm already looking forward to hear more of Steve Ward's advice on dating. And more of his tests that he's giving to the girls, for instance he's going to make them wear a zapper on their next date....if they say something wrong, or made a wrong comes the shock! ;)

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