Monday, March 2, 2009



jessicawritesUmmm just realized that my dress is totally on backwards -- 4 1/2 hours after being at work. Smacks myself in the head.

tearsofashI always hear different women yelling at our neighbor. I wonder what he does to piss 'em off?

NashLifestylesLooking for the best SUSHI in Nashville? We've got it covered -

ware@musiccitysingle just read about Cuban boy, unfortunately i laughed out loud trying to imagine that phone conversation =P people are crazy


From Jeffrey Lee Knighton:

Starts out just meeting a group of friends at the flying saucer. A new friend came along who was attractive. We talk and leave immediately to go honky tonking on Broadway. I was invited to come over so of course I accepted. Though I do smoke, I hate doing it in households mind you, Especially in bed. Well first this young lady would not stop with the chatter, but most of all the smoking, right in the face. We move from talking to other things and I was again happy with the night, but all the sudden what do I smell during the “non talking phase” - CIGS, smoking during, well…… Gross. Now that this one is friends with friends and all that it should be a fun situation to deal with.

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