Sunday, February 22, 2009

Always Have Flowers in Your House

So growing up, you are taught that if you like a girl, you should buy her flowers. Unfortunately, that is horribly unoriginal, and makes your intentions way too obvious. So, how can you show a girl that you have style and want to impress her all while being indirect? Easy. Always keep fresh flowers in your house. Now, be CAREFUL! The last thing you need is a crappy vase full of carnations or some cheap bouqet you picked up at the end of the check out aisle at the grocery store. You're going to need to dig a little bit in your pockets on this one.

I have found that having fresh flowers--or planted flowers like bulbs--in your house always improves your chances. Stick to something very simple and sexy like orchids or tulips. You're looking for a very modern sleek look. You'll want to have something on your coffee table or dining room table--or breakfast bar if you live in a condo/loft/apartment like every else. In your bathroom you'll always want to keep a very small slim arrangement by the sink. This will show your partner--or prospect--that you like to keep things clean and have a very keen eye for beauty.

How can I do this?!? Well, luckily one of my good friends has been kind enough to offer his services, Perri, of OSHi International offers floral services from huge functions to simple centerpieces. His store is located at the center of the city right at the foot of the State Capitol Building on Capitol Boulevard. Check out his website and give him a call at 615.972.5425. If you want to check out his studio, head on over to 206 Capitol Boulevard.

His work is absolutely elegant and very modern and chic. It would definitely liven up your modern decorated loft or apartment. And the girls will absolutely love that you did it for yourself and not for them.


  1. I completely agree..Flowers do the trick. Even though they are a waste of money. Flowers will melt her heart and have you in your arms within 5 seconds of giving them to her!!!

  2. "This will show your partner--or prospect--that you like to keep things clean and have a very keen eye for beauty." If it was Peter who wrote this that makes me laugh, because I have never met a messier person in my life!