Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm an A-hole, You're an A-hole, Sometimes, We're All A-holes

It never fails that at some point throughout one's life, a person will come along with the sort of stellar personality that you absolutely love. Buuuut. (Damn life's "but"s) You can't muster any sort of romantic feeling for them whatsoever. Even so, you always find yourself wanting to be around this person--in some other life they were probably your sibling or something.

Then, comes the day when push comes to shove and you have to come clean and admit that you aren't leading them on, you just aren't leading them anywhere. At least not anywhere they were hoping to go.

Doesn't that make you feel like the biggest jerk alive?! (Please, feel free to share stories otherwise I might develop a complex thinking I'm the only biggest-jerk-alive)

As the rejecter in this story, you feel bad, but it's worse if you've been the rejected before, no? Nothing sucks as bad as loving your best friend only to find out they are actually only your best friend, heh. People say things like "we're best friends," but in reality, we all know that one (or both of them) are praying to every god they've ever heard of that the "best-friend" turns into "significant other." It's way jacked up.

As an end note, what does everyone think about online dating? It seems like more and more people are becoming accepting of online dating as a way to find a relationship and I've even heard a few stories with great endings.

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