Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where did the awesome go? Give it back!

Scenario: meeting one--you just met your new best-friend! Meeting two--wtf?

As much as I love to go downtown/out and have a great time, I've firmly decided that I will never meet someone there and maintain expectations of a future relationship (not even friendship). Mostly because I've been disillusioned more than once. Not disillusioned in that cry-myself-to-sleep-because-I-lost-the-love-of-my-life disillusionment. No, I'm usually left gap-mouthed by the fact that beer makes boring people fun and liars honest and when those mofos sober up, you're left with a totally lame, dishonest schmuck with no libido.

I'm admittedly strange. I don't deny it. I never have--to anyone. Ask them. Even so, I don't think I function so far outside of normalcy that I'm the only one who has had this experience, right?

Either way, I’m pretty sure this one is not me. I’m not looking for some sort of life partner or an engagement in ninety days or babies or free stuff (well, maybe some free stuff, heh); just a partner in crime and good times. How hard is that?

I have a few theories about my conundrum (my cold pool on a hot day personality for instance), but want to hear what everyone else thinks: do you know what I’m talking about? Suggestions? At this point, I’m thinking I should go to the Planetarium (which I actually do love, lol) to pick up dudes. At least then I don’t have to worry about surprise-lameness at some later date.

[Obviously, I’m not aiming to offend either lame sober folks or those who kick it at the Planetarium]


  1. you rock, i totally understand where you are coming from. some people are just better met sober, and some, never met at all.

  2. well said, it's nice to see someone out there see's it the same way I do.

  3. I say this as someone who also considers themselves "admittedly strange," I'm not sure equally strange (in a good way) people are hanging out at the bars downtown.

    Where they are hanging out? If you figure that out, let me know.

    I've met some interesting people at clubs and bars and such, but between the volume level in the place and the superficial nature of such meetings (i.e. if person A didn't think person B was fairly hot, this wouldn't be a story in the first place), it's not overly condusive for any kind of meaningful interaction that would allow two personalities to reveal themselves to each other. Going out is fun, and sometimes you do get lucky and discover someone with whom you find a spark, but I imagine that is the exception, not the norm.