Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Worst Date Scenario

While sitting with Peter from Music City Singles at Mondays Music City Singles tweetup, we got to talking about our best/worst dating stories - and aside from my Junior and Senior prom (if your curious, ask me later) - I thought back to my last vacation back home to California and dug up an old blog post from my myspace blog (now defunct).


Hey guy's just got back from my date with that girl I met at the beach already, here's why...

  • Met a nice Russian girl.
  • Took her to dinner.
  • Attempted to talk to her.
  • Mostly talked about her.
  • Somewhere between chicken wings and main course got on the subject of "niggers" and how they are "ruining California".
  • Informed date that best friend is in fact Black.
  • 5minutes of silence.
  • Food arrives.
  • I attempt to talk about Russia (again she was Russian mind you).
  • She sways conversation twords her hatred of minorities.
  • I remind her that she is infact a minority.
  • Blank Stare.
  • I go in depth how immigrants (like her), make up a large portion of the American population.
  • She goes to the bathroom.
  • I almost leave.
  • She comes back and we talk about CA.
  • I explain to her why I'm driving a truck (rental) when I told her I have a PTC Convertible (at home).
  • Her response - "Oh", and begins to sulk.
  • I put on my jacket. Reason : "It's chilly in here" (I'm in bay area CA - this is obviously a very bad lie).
  • She laughs thinking it's a joke.
  • I get up to pee.
  • I walk up to my waitress and ask her to bring me the bill.
  • NOW!
  • She begins to walk it over to the table when I flag her down and she then walks over to me.
  • I give her money and tip her outside the bathroom.
  • I go pee.
  • While peeing I thank god I parked in the back.
  • I slip out Chili's and leave.
  • Date is probably still there wondering how long I'm gonna be.
  • This was 15minutes ago.