Saturday, March 14, 2009

HELP!! How Can I Turn Off The "Dorky Guy" Magnet ?! :(

Ok, since it's almost 1am and I am at home in front of my laptop instead of going downtown and enjoy the Nashville nightlife. And you might be thinking there is something wrong with me right? Well....sort of.

Let me ask you this guys and gals. How many of you feel that you have some sort of a "Dorky", "Nerdy" kind of magnet in you that you just want to turn it off? Yea, I thought so. Last weekend, I had one of those times that I wanted to turn that "magnet" off.

Last friday, I was at the Belcourt Theater (If you haven't been to the need to check it out) to watch a classic movie. And I was having a good time with popcorn with one hand and a diet coke with the other but somehow.....I felt like I was being watched. So I looked across the isle and sure enough, I was right. During the entire movie, a guy was just staring at me that it was starting to make me nervous.

It wasn't until the intermission when that same guy came up to me. That was when my "inner red flags" started to pop out. He asked me if I was his one of his friends named Louise (BAD pickup line). And he was just trying to sweet talk me (saying that I was beautiful, wanted to by me a drink, etc.) while I was going "Look dude, I just want to watch the movie". Plus, he was too old for my taste. It was then, he menchioned a couple of things that gave me an impression that he wasn't going to be the guy that I want to get to know more.....and he was "out of touch":

1. He's not into technology (Not even Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter)
2. I was wearing my Nashville Predators jacket that night and he thought I was wearing it for someone else. (Excuse me? I bought that jacket at the hockey game because I'm a fan of the team...hello?)

Luckly, they were getting ready to start the movie again and I used the method to get out of the situation that I was in. He went back to the theater while I went to the door and got myself the hell out of there. Now, this has happened to me many times before (even online) so if you had one of those "magnets" did you turn it off and started to attract someone that made you feel comfortable to be around with a guy or a girl rather than creep you out? Well to me honest, I've been trying to change that "magent" for years and I'm looking forward to turning it off.

Until then, I'm going to lay low coming to see a movie at the Belcourt for a while until the situation dies down. ;)


  1. I find that the best way to avoid that kind of situation - is to be blunt, "not interested, please go away" works just fine. It's honest, to the point, and enough of a soul crushing blow that he/she feels it but won't loose sleep over it later on.

  2. Hey Tim. I didn't menchion it on here (I didn't wanted my first post to be too long) but I did tell him that I wasn't interested and the reasons why (When all of this happened, I was still looking for a new job). But he had a look of that he wasn't going to give up and I didn't feel comfortable going back into the same movie theater with him. So that's why I left there afterwards.